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  • Greater medical safety through real-time access to correct case information 

    With the bar code identification system you can eliminate human identification errors, and ensure accurate tracking and management of patient medical records. This prevents misdiagnosis and misuse of medication and other issues, so that healthcare workers can focus on saving lives and improving the quality of life for patients.


    Patient ID tracking, hospital admission, hospital nursery, specimen/blood labeling, medication tracking, staff ID & access control and healthcare materials management.

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    Success Stories

    Medicine-dispensing machines_ME240 print mechanism

    ME240 print mechanism proves to be perfect solution for hospital medicine-dispensing machines

    Patient speciman labeling_TTP-225

    TTP-225 printer streamlines workflow at leading Moscow diagnostics laboratory

    Labeling of medical products, patient documents and lab test results_TDP-247

    Major hospital in Slovenia automates labeling with TSC's TDP-247 printer

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